Here comes the travel social media: TripAdvisor will act as Facebook for travellers

TripAdvisor has announced plans to relaunch like a “travel feed”, a personalized social media mash-up that delivers to members familiar Twitter-esque, Facebook-like pages. For TripAdvisor, it is creating a new publishing platform for travel brands in the process.


TripAdvisor has produced this video which gives an idea of the look, feel and functionality of the new site, based around a couple’s trip to Nashville.

The new platform is currently in beta, and will launch globally to the public later this year across all markets and languages where the company operates.

It’s a bold move away from TripAdvisor’s reviews wheelhouse and the ongoing arguments around the validity and veracity of the reviews posted on its site. It raises the question on whether TripAdvisor, like the social media giants,  will be in a stronger position to defend itself when asked about responsible content curation.