Latest trends from a major OTA #1.

People are using technology more and more to plan their trips.

This means a professional property website is more important than ever.

But it’s not just about booking accommodation online. We found that nearly one third of travellers would  let a computer plan their next trip using their travel history.

And half don’t mind if they deal with a real person or a computer – as long as their questions get answered.


What does this mean for you?

First of all, make sure your property website is up and running. Consider using a custom domain or web address to make your brand more memorable to potential guests. Then, get your content looking as professional as possible – inviting photos, a clear description of your facilities, and details about your location. And since we know that guests like to receive quick answers, open up your communication channels – add contact information to your website so your guests can reach you directly.

(foto: pexels, content: BSuiteTrends)