If you are exhausted from overbooking and excel registration, but are looking for an automated system with reasonable monthly fee.


 (below rates may change)


For smaller hotels


CHANNEL MANAGER + booking engine

1-5. rooms 12.500 HUF 17.000 HUF
6-10. rooms 23.000 HUF 29.500 HUF
11-20. rooms 33.500 HUF 42.000 HUF
21-30. rooms 37.500 HUF 46.500 HUF



for bigger hotels


CHANNEL MANAGER + booking engine

31-50. rooms  46.500 HUF  57.000 HUF
51-70. rooms 58.500 HUF 72.000 HUF
71-100. rooms 64.500 HUF 78.000 HUF
101-150. rooms 69.500 HUF 87.000 HUF

There is no loyalty period and no installation or training fees, we provide unlimited customer service support. For more than 150 rooms, ask for our special offer.

The monthly fees do not include VAT.

For the price of just one room night, you can replace a full reservation job, and the reception colleagues get huge administrative help!


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