Simple and versatile handling of daily reception and operational tasks from anywhere, any device at any time

The cloud-based accommodation management software (eZee Absolute) which we provide allows you to easily manage your daily operations. The system is the ideal solution for small hotels, guest houses, apartments, AirB & B units, hostels, guest houses and campsites.

With this technology, you can access your account from a central, secure server anywhere from any device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with assistance.

Main operations from booking to departure

Walk-in or over the phone reservations for single or group can be done by staff instantly and online bookings are automatically updated in the system.

Once the reservation details are entered by the staff, an instant confirmation email is sent to guest or hard copy can be printed in multiple formats. Automated email confirmation is sent by the system for online bookings received from website or travel websites.

Upon guest’s arrival, the front desk staff can easily check-in the reservation right from the main dashboard. Staff can use various filters to quickly search the guests in the system by name, group name, email, confirmation no., OTA voucher no. etc.

Easily organize all your reservations for group bookings; apply charges to the main folio or individual reservations. Assign color codes to specific groups for easy identification and assigning extra charges.

Create special rates and discounts for corporate clients which can be easily assigned to the folio or city ledger accounts for direct billing to the company.

Track status of all the rooms in the hotel with the system’s easy to understand graphical user interface. Track rooms which require immediate attention and assign task to staff for quick fix pre guest arrival.

Predefined extra charges (inclusions) are automatically added to the room folio and other unforeseen extra charges can be added manually to the folio.

Upon check-out, staff can apply any additional charges to the folio and accept payment in cash or credit. Furthermore, staff can easily generate a single folio for multiple rooms and split folio for a single room.

Generate multiple reports types and save them in various formats such as. pdf, .xls, .doc, etc. In addition, special reports can be generated for corporate clients and agents.

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