“As the ability must precede the action, knowledge and understanding are an indispensable prerequisite to ability”

Max Planck


Every new day we are less aware of the world and our profession, as it is constantly changing, especially in the age of the current technological revolution and tourism, which is one of the most impacted by this change.

With decades of hotel sales experience, we are familiar with the techniques for selling accommodation on a professional way, understanding the processes and channels through which today’s guests gather inspiration, formulate opinions and choose accommodation. For these, we provide the most modern tools for instant action and profit maximization.


Consultation units:

  • Tailor made strategy for your accommodation
  • Complex sales solutions
  • Optimal inventory management
  • Most important statistical indicators
  • Pricing knowledges and tricks
  • Market overview


Continuous sales supporting:

(On request based on additional agreement)

  •      Revenue and occupancy reports
  •      Competitiveness investigation
  •      Pricing suggestions
  •      Source of business reports

Weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly according to the needs.

We will prepare and install our demo hotel based sample of your website, modern, multilingual website with the online booking module.

The content of this site will be owned by the property, you can change the content and the images at any time, but we can help you with it on request.

The one-time preparation fee is only 140-250,00 € depends on your individual needs.

In addition to the own proprietary website, it is also possible to rent a monolingual web site free of charge during our cooperation, in which our booking engine is naturally integrated.

If you already have some of the services we offer that you do not want to replace anyway, of course, in this case, we can provide you individual service as well. Send your enquiry about the stand-alone booking engine, channel manager, or competitor monitoring software.

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NEW! Online Listing Management Services (OLM):






We make a comprehensive analysis of the online presence of the accommodation, which is presented in an illustrative report.

Since at least 60% of hotel bookings come from online sites, a strong presence on OTA sites as well as on so-called Meta-search sites that compare them, such as TripAdvisor or Trivago, is crucial. We help you to register your accommodation on these pages!

Did you know that every second search for accommodation, people will find its own google account? Of course only if you have! We help you register to your Google Business account, the existence of it perhaps one of the most important!

We scrutinize each of your sales channels from a variety of perspectives that go beyond just checking descriptions and images!

For multiple room types and price types, we make sure that all existing room and price lists are displayed on each OTA page. Why is this important? You may be left behind in the results list if they are out of sync!

Most accommodations are aware of major competitors, especially those nearby. But be fareful, on the internet the competition is just a click away! We are compiling an updated competition list, which can even be surprising!

We create and upload the accommodation’s Facebook profile in the name of a strong online presence and additional marketing opportunities!

“But with a channel manager, there’s no more price difference, right?”

Well, in reality, it’s not that simple because OTA sites also often run campaigns. Because of this, the accommodation may appear on the OTA pages at different prices, which also worsens your ranking.

Ranking can be negatively affected if there is no availability for further periods. It is important that price, capacity and, if necessary, restrictions (such as a minimum stay or ‘close to arrival’) are uploaded for at least the next 365 days.

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OLM services one-time fee is only 200 $.

Contact us today!