Top 5 mistakes hotels make in marketing

Running a hotel isn’t easy. In the day-to-day grind we can sometimes let some things fall through the cracks. Here are 5 mistakes hoteliers regularly make with their marketing.

  1. Marketing to themselves
    Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are your guests. Most of your guests aren’t road warrior travel insiders like you may be. Instead, analyze your strategy to know if you’re connected to your audience. A simple approach is to use A/B testing. This will nail down the best way to keep your hotel on track.
  2. Only competing at time of transaction
    Most hotels are guilty of this. If your hotel website, social campaigns, and advertising are solely focused on speaking to an audience that has already decided to travel, then you are competing at the most expensive moment in the traveler’s journey.

Other hotels, big brands and OTA’s are all spending big budgets to win over travelers at this moment. Instead, hoteliers should focus their site and marketing strategies on inspiring people to travel and in turn create a true marketing funnel for themselves.

Content marketing is a huge opportunity to capture the attention and inspire travelers who are not yet ready to book—but are ignored by many hoteliers.

(From:, Photo:Pexels)