How to optimize hotel images for SEO

Images play an important role in the overall health of a hotel webpage. At a high level, they make your website more appealing, which improves time on site and overall usability; two important factors in SEO.

More directly, images support the content on a page, and help make it more relevant to the search terms people are searching for. According to Yoast, “an image that is surrounded by related text ranks better for the keyword it is optimized for.”

Images can also be a great way to drive organic traffic to your website from image-based search engines (e.g. Google Images). Searches done via Google Images are on the rise, and so is the engagement of those using it.

According to Hoosh, only 17% of Google users scroll down the traditional Search Engine Results Page (SERP). While 35% of users scroll down the Google Images results page. Furthermore, 63% of users who click on an image in this results page then visit the website. So don’t discount the importance of image-based search on driving organic traffic.

All of these are good reason to optimize your images for SEO. Here are a few simple tips on where to start.

(From:, Leonardo, Photo: Pexels)