What are the new strategies which are adopted by revenue managers at hotels nowadays?

Below are few of the many new strategies which are adopted by revenue managers at hotels nowadays.

  1. Go for direct bookings: Direct bookings play a significant role in your hotel’s revenue generation. You shouldn’t let go a chance to gain unlimited commission-free bookings. You can let your guests book from your website easily, engage with them and know their preferences; which will make them feel valued. Read more on how to boost direct bookings here.
  2. Sign up with more OTAs: Gone are the days when a hotel used to list with a few OTAs. Signing up with maximum OTAs is the trend and it will continue to grow in 2018 and beyond. Thanks to tools like “channel manager” managing inventories and prices on various connected OTAs is hassle free and can be managed in a jiffy. Read 5 reasons to have more OTA connections for your hotel on our blog here.
  3. Keep up with the mobile trend: 51% of smartphone owners use their device for travel-related activities [1]. So, mobile presence is non-negotiable for your hotel.
  4. Online Reputation Management: Do you know a slight fall in your property’s overall rating on a popular OTA can impact your revenue heavily. Asking your happy guests to review your property can help you in gaining more positive reviews. The more positive reviews you have, the more preferred you become. Also, all negative reviews should be responded properly and timely. Hotels have started taking their online reputation seriously than as compared to previously. Read our in-depth article on online hotel reputation management here.
  5. The cloud solutions: The cloud solutions like PMS, reservation, booking engines, PMS app etc have definitive advantages like enabling hoteliers to manage operations on the go, zero hardware setup cost, no IT support staff required, and can be managed without IT skills. The cost to acquire software is also low compared to standalone software. Also, the renewals in most cases can be paid monthly. Hence its a low investment cost with quick returns and benefits. The hotels across the globe are opting for PMS solutions like eZee Absolute which comes with a 14-day free trial,24×7 live support and unlimited free product training.